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Horseshoe Ridge Farm

In Waddy, KY, we crafted a landscape design that seamlessly blends with the idyllic rural setting. This project features a charming farmhouse, a thoughtfully designed pool house, and a refreshing pool nestled on sprawling farmland. As you meander down the undulating driveway, the house gradually emerges on the horizon, creating a sense of anticipation and wonder.
Our goal was to harmonize the new construction with the rustic charm of the property's surroundings. To achieve this, we incorporated a large circular driveway and a raised planter that serves as a visual link between the house and the inviting pool area.
The design features layers of seasonal plantings that bring a rich tapestry of textures and colors throughout the year. From vibrant blooms in spring to the warmth of autumn foliage, this landscape evolves with the seasons.