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Our Process

Bringing your vision to life.

Design Consult Phase

Tour the property with the client, noting their vision.
Document style, colors, materials, and aesthetics.
Evaluate conditions and pinpoint needs/goals.
Draft and present a design proposal detailing services and goals.
Gather property data and measurements.
Make or refine a base map.
Design a layout from existing elements.

Preliminary Design Phase

Final Design & Budget Phase

Refine layout after client feedback.
Show final design with detailed budget.
Let client prioritize within budget.
Get client's approval before proceeding.
Manage permits and construction specifics.
Create a plan, coordinating contractors.
Supervise on-site and coordinate daily.
Communicate regularly with the client.
Finish the project to meet client's expectations.

The Create Phase


Offer ongoing support and guidance for the care and maintenance of the completed landscape.
Remain available to address any questions or concerns the client may have.
Commit to the client's satisfaction and the enjoyment of their new outdoor space.